Brand new Bluebirds

One of the more controversial issues of the past year or so has been the rebranding of Cardiff City FC from blue to red.

Hundreds of column inches have been used up pontificating about the reaction Cardiff fans would have to the change in their identity but so far surprisingly little has materialised. There are a few campaigns ongoing – keep Cardiff blue is probably the most well known but apart from a few protests little has been done by the vast majority of fans who seem happy with the change to red.

One group, however, sees things a little differently. FC Bluebirds of Cardiff have set up to make sure there is always a team wearing blue, white and yellow in the capital. They do stress they are not a protest club, merely an alternative.

Progress, so far, has been fairly rapid. They have contacted numerous grounds to ask about a ground-share and applied to become members of the Western League. This application has been refused and they have given their new fans a few options to consider before they take their next step – joining the Welsh pyramid, appealing the decision of the Western League or going into exile across the Severn.

Each, obviously, has its own difficulties but the important thing to note is the club is allowing fans to email their preference to them. The votes will then be tallied up and that’s what the club will pursue – giving fans a voice in how their club will be run. Currently they have not set up the model of ownership but are talking to supporters direct about fan ownership models – although this may not be the eventual choice.

Some positive steps in the Welsh capital.

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